Bought the much awaited OTG – and made pizza with purine-free sauce!!

Since my elder child has started going to school, we have been planning to get an otg. The main reason for opting for an otg is that my daughter was getting exposed to the store bought and processed food that other children ate. As we want our daughter to have healthy vegan food and home cooked foods – it was decided that we buy an oven. It gets mind bogging for me to look up the ingredients in these processed foods before I rarely make the purchase. So to make life happier for our daughter where she can gorge on all the baked food she wants to her heart’s content we finally got the otg -and we are having a celebration each day 🙂
That is to say the least.

Finally last weekend we got our brand new otg.
I did a whole lot of research online and also on many magazines and finally shortlisted on Bajaj with Murphy Richards as the second option. This is based on the product review and comparision that was there in one of the home and electronics magazines and also based on feedback from a good friend with extensive experience in baking. Now a days it is easier to buy items online.
Bajaj 3500 TMCSS 35-Litre 2000-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

Pizza is junk and unhealthy, better to avoid going to a pizza joint – that used to be the thought that used to run in my mind. I had found a vegetarian pizza place which used to serve whole wheat base, but was just too expensive to order from. They refused to accept card payments and I am not someone who keeps more than necessary cash at home so it had been a while since we had the pizza. And everyone was craving for pizza.

The first thing that we did was Pizza in our new OTG.
Since we were getting back home late, we got some pizza base and the cheddar and Mozilla cheese.
Since we are avoiding purines in foods, we made a non-purine base sauce and topped it with a lot of veggies and some cheese. The amount of veggies that we can add to the pizza at home will actually turn it healthier and also tastier. I also added some home grown fresh basil which made the pizza taste heavenly. There are no words to tell the taste difference when we add fresh and home grown seasonings. I need to start growing more herbs at home..
So getting back I feel that it is pretty easy to bake once we get a hang of the controls and the way they work.
My next experiment is the whole wheat vegan almond – banana cookies

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