Brown Rice Idly Recipe – Breakfast Recipe

Brown Rice Idly is for you if you are looking for healthy super-foods with very high fiber. This recipe has all the ingredients with very high fiber content and nutritional value but has no compromise on the taste. As this is fermented before cooking, this has natural probiotics which are very very good for your gut, which translates into good health.

This recipe uses brown rice/ wild rice/hand pounded rice which has only the outer husk removed, but has all the nutrients within the beautiful grain of rice fully intact. Instead of the white urad which has the husk removed, the black urad has the outer black husk in place which adds both fibre and nutritional value to the food consumed.
There is not change in the texture of the brown rice idly which come out very soft.

This recipe can be used for breakfast or dinner and even an evening snack at times of heavy hunger prangs or when you have missed your lunch.



 I have used Cup size of 30 ml

1. Brown Rice – 5 cups
2. Whole Black Urad Dal – 1 cup ( You can sprout this to increase the nutritional value)
3. Methi – 1/2 tsp
4. Red Poha – 1/2 tsp


1. Wash and soak the brown rice, whole black urad dal and methi seperately. (Make sure not to throw away the water in which methi is soaked in)
2. After it is soaked for 5 hours, grind the rice coarsely and transfer to a vessel
3. Then grind the whole black urad dal and methi and poha into a very fine paste. Mix this with the ground rice.
Note – There is no need to soak the poha.
4. Allow this to rest for 8-10 hours.
5. Then pour the batter in the greased idly plates and cook for 15 mins or until the brown rice idly is done.
6. If you insert a tooth pick or a fork and it comes out clean, the brown rice idly is fully done.
7. Serve the brown rice idly with sambar, chutney and podi for breakfast of dinner.

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