Cooking Without Fire

Yes, that is right!!!
This is a bunch of activities where the child gets to cook without fire. This ensures that the child is fully safe but experiences the confidence and joy of cooking.

I am leaning towards this topic as a few days back we were traveling with some family friends. My child and the 2 of her friends had to keep themselves busy during the 4-5 hour journey. Somewhere in between the journey, the little ones came up with the idea of making lemon juice in the car.
I simply cannot explain what a ball they had and the confidence and the sense of achievement that they had after making lemon juice. This is one activity that did not really bore them and could keep them engaged for hours.
Of course we need to keep an eye on what they are doing and ensure that the children do not mess up the place leaving you to clean up after them….
I am looking at coming up with catchy titles for the children’s recipes. Please suggest me if you have any better suggestion for the name or any new recipes that a little child can make without fire.
These recipes are the ones which a 4-7 year old can try. I will be updating more every other day 🙂

Lemonade Party