Cluster Beans Fryums Recipe

Cluster Beans Fryums

I came across a request for different recipes of cooking Cluster Beans/Govar/Goruchikkudu kaya/Kothavaranga. I have seen people either love it or hate it when it is cooked as a stir fry. However when it is cooked as a fryum, them even children like to eat it. It is very healthy, made at home and tasty too. This can be a life saver at times when you want to cook a quick meal or when there are no veggies at home, but you do not want to order from out!!

It is quite simple to make fryums/vadiyalu/vadam of Cluster Beans and it can be stored for years, if it is saved from ants/ insects!! This is possible if there is absolutely no moisture in it after the drying.


1. Take tender cluster beans and wash well. (Tender ones taste good.)
2. Remove the stalk portion only, there is no need to cut it.
3. Take about 1 tumbler of water and bring it to a boil.
4. Add salt, chilli powder to your taste. I normally use Himalyan Pink Salt.
5. Add the cluster beans and cook on low flame for 2-4 mins and keep the lid closed.
6. Most of the water would have got used in the cooking process, and there should be very little water left.
7. Drain the water and dry in nice hot sun until it makes a crackling sound.
8. Store in an airtight container.
9. Deep fry it in oil whenever you want to eat it.

How you can use these cluster beans fryums.
1. When you have very little time for making stir-fry, you can deep fry it as an accompaniment. The cluster beans fryums go very well with rice.
2. This can be used for making vatta kozlambu.

The next time I make them, I will take pics and post it in the blog.

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