Excellent home remedy for sensitive teeth

The other day I was correcting my daughter while brushing her teeth and demonstrated the procedure to my elder daughter a few times. I was over zealous and over did the brushing of my teeth, as I was demonstrating the procedure to my daughter. Till this point of time I have had no dental issues. That night when I slept, my tooth started to ache mildly after the slight chillness in the summer night!!! That is when I woke up and put a homeo remedy that my husband suggested. That had a very good effect that day. I thought that I am fully recovered for good. However the next night again one of the tooth started to ache and both the top and bottom jaws were sensitive on the right side…

This is the first time I have experienced sensitive and pain in my teeth and wanted relief quickly. I placed a clove in my mouth, and there was mild relief. This is what I have seen my grandmother do. However this was not sufficient.
So I searched on the net and found this remedy which worked very well for me.
Take a few drops of mustard oil on your palm and add a couple of pinches of salt. Mix well and apply this paste on the gums and also the painful tooth. Spit the saliva and rinse your mouth with warm water after 5 – 10 mins.
Believe me, this remedy simply worked wonders to giving instant relief to tooth ache.I guess this is the reason why charcoal and salt have been traditionally(in one of the methods) used for brushing teeth, before the advent of the chemical filled toothpastes…
I would any day prefer natural remedies for any health problem!!

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