I Experienced Great Relief In Leg Pain After Using The Acupressure Mat

The Unused Acupressure Mat

We had purchased an acupressure mat about 6-7 years ago. It was used on and off. Then I recently started to read the book ‘Health In Your Hands‘ by Devendra Voha. This was purchased about 20 years back or so and used to some extent and put on storage.

Recently when my little ones were ill, we were exploring all options apart from homeopathy and home remedies for the kids. 

How I started to read the book – Health In Your Hands

Acupressure was always an option as my husband got cured from severe bronchitis by using acupressure points about 2 years ago. So when I had to sit right next to the little one without doing any other household work I happened to pull out this book as my husband had suggested and started to read it. Once I started to read this, along with trying out the techniques he had suggested, there was absolutely no stopping.  I covered all the chapters that would be useful for me. 

Acupressure Mat

Acupressure Mat

As I was reading this book I recalled that one of my friend’s aunt averted an ear surgery for her grandson after practicing simple techniques mentioned in the book. This book is just too amazing and a must read for any and every home maker. In this book, the author explains about the tips and techniques of simply and easily maintaining a healthy lifestyle your yourself and your family.

As I was reading this book there was a mention about using acupressure foot rollers for giving cure to a few diseases. That was when I recalled the acupressure mat that has been lying around. Many times around I had made the decision about going to start using it now, but never got around to do it for more than a minute. Finally I came up with the idea of identifying the right place for placing the acupressure mat and that has been the best thing that I did for myself. 

Benefits of using the Acupressure Mat

Due to the right placement of the acupressure mat I got to use it for 10 – 15 mins on and off tonight. It seemed alright when I used it, just like however it was always. However when I woke up in the middle of the night, the benefits I experienced are AMAZING!!

Every single muscle and vein in my entire leg till the waist was thanking me. I don’t know how else I can word this. It was as if someone had done a massage to every single vein inside my leg and lower back. The surprising thing is that I did not even know that I had so much pain in my legs until I experienced the huge relief.  

I am I woke up very early with complete sleep. I am normally a person who needs long sleep of at least 8 hrs. There is no way I would wake up early easily. It was a complete surprise that I would up early enough with 5-6 hrs  of complete sleep. For me this is a huge achievement 🙂

I never thought that the acupressure mat would give so much of benefits in a single day!!

Every Family Needs An Acupressure Mat

I feel that health is the primary investment needed for oneself and one’s family. We need to do all that is possible in our hands to be healthy. As everything that we have is a waste if we do not have good health. For this reason, I feel that every family to invest in a few of these acupressure mats for the health of the family. It is worth every single penny which you put into it. I am serious.

However they need to be placed in strategic locations so that it is used by all. I strongly feel that if the place the acupressure mat in the wrong place, then you might not even use it. 

Do post your experience with using the acupressure mat in the comments section. I would love to hear about it.

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