Engage Your Child This Summer- Cooking Without Fire Series – Neer More

Neer Moor

This is something that is offered as Naivedyam to lord Rama on on Rama Navami. It is very very simple to prepare. Very engaging for the child and a coolant during the summer.
I go in for organic curd prepared at home from desi cow. As the milk & milk products from desi cow(A2 milk) is very good for health. It is opposite in the case of milk and milk products from jersey cows (A1 milk). I can go on and on about the A1 and A2 types of milk but will stop myself.
Children love to eat and they will try the same recipe for a few days. This is a wonderful way to engage the little ones in summer productively and also in a manner which they will cherish for their life.

If there is a way that you could prepare and store this neer more in an earthen pot, there is nothing like that. The neer more/butter milk/chaas will stay cool for longer, and the taste is also enhanced with the smells and flavours and the texture of the earthen pot.
Do make sure to pre-prepare the earthen pot before you start using. I will write in a different post about how to pre-prepare an earthen pot before you start consuming food stuff from an earthen pot.

Ingredients (for parents to provide the child)
1. Curd – 30 ml
2. Water – 200 ml (If you feel the need for thicker buttermilk, do use your descretion and reduce the quantity of water)
3. curry leaves – about 10 leaves finely chopped
4. Coriander leaves – a fist full finely chopped
5. Salt – 2 pinches or to taste
6. Finely chopped ginger and a slit chili(Optional)

Note – If the child is learning via the Montessori method, they can chop all the leaves as well. I would not be comfortable with the child chopping chilies/ginger though.

Tools & Utensils(For the child to take themselves)
1. A clean plastic sheet to place all the items on.
A clean counter top or table.
2. A dish cloth to wipe any spills
3. The butter milk churning stick
4. A medium sized vessel
4-5 serving glasses

Preparation Method
1. Pour the curd into the vessel
Tip – If your churn the curds first, it is faster and the texture of the churned curd is smoother.
2. Churn it nicely with the buttermilk churning stick.
3. After churning the curd well, add the water.
4. Add salt, and all the chopped greens
5. Again churn well with the stick.
6. Pour into the serving glasses
7. Taste it & add salt if it is less.
8. Wipe all the spills
9. Serve everyone and enjoy yourself

I would love to hear your and your child’s experience with cooking without fire 🙂

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