Brown Rice – How to cook soft but not gooey brown rice

We as a family have switched over to brown rice or wild rice or hand pounded rice for more than 10 years now. The health benefits that we have experienced with this simple change has been multifold to say the least. Eating brown rice/unpolished rice/wild rice/hand pounded rice is the best investment that we have done for the health of our family.

I have heard many people get frustrated in their initial attempts to cook brown rice. It just does not seem to get cooked inspite of leaving it on the stove and also adding a lot of extra water.

Let me list a few things that you need to know when you start off trying to cook brown rice.

1. Brown rice takes about 45 mins – 1 hour to get cooked fully. This would depend on a lot of factors like the variety of rice that you are using and whether the rice is a new harvest or a old harvest. Newly harvested rice tend to cook very quickly as compared to ‘old’ rice or let’s say aged rice. What I have heard from my mom is that it is always wise to buy old rice or aged rice.

2. Brown rice will require almost double the quantity of water that is needed for cooking white rice.

3. Till you get a hang of cooking and also eating brown rice you need to have some patience 🙂

I have seen many people try to cook brown rice, and it comes out either gooey or slightly brittle, but not in a perfectly cooked manner. I too experienced this problem initially when I started to cook brown rice. Then by accident I discovered a sure shot method of cooking brown rice that is a soft as a flower but does not stick and is not gooey.

In this method I am using a rice cooker. The same can be used for cooking in an open vessel on a gas stove. If you are draining the water, I would recommend that you add some more water for cooking the rice.

How to cook soft but not gooey Brown Rice

1. Take a cup of brown rice and wash it well

2. Add 4 cups of water and switch on the rice cooker.

3. Allow the water to boil and then switch off the rice cooker. (I normally add rice to the water before I switch on the rice cooker. You could add the rice after it comes to a boil as well)

4. This should take about 15 mins after you have switched on the rice cooker.

5. Allow this to rest for about 30 mins.

6. Check the rice in the rice cooker after 30 mins, it will look almost 75% cooked.

7. Then you can switch on the rice cooker until the rice is done.

The same procedure works for cooking on the stove as well. You only need to ensure that the rice is done and either switch off the stove of drain the water as per your preference.

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