I had a severe sprain in my foot which got cured miraculously – and I got introduced to Reiki!!

It was nearly 10 years ago, when I was busy working woman juggling being smart at work and catching up with the latest fashion. Certain rare experiences infused appreciation of tradition, culture and values into me, unasked and much to my surprise. Now I am much much more traditional, to the extent that many of my old friends might not recognize me 🙂

One day I was catching up with my then fiance, after office. I vaguely remember that I was trying to use a slightly high heeled sandal. As we were walking I happened to sprain my foot/ankle. It seemed to be mild and I just ignored and went home. I could not imagine that the next day I would wake up with such a bad sprain that I could not even keep my feet on the floor!! It was simply horrible.

I shared with a known family friend about my condition, my fiance’s mentor. He asked me to ask my then fiance to give me Reiki healing. At that point of time I did not know what Reiki was, though I knew that he was a Reiki master. I did not understand or even vaguely comprehend how Reiki could help me when I had such a severe sprain and pain in my ankle and foot. However I called him and asked him to give me Reiki.

If one needs healing from Reiki, then he/she is supposed to ask for healing from the qualified Reiki healer. Without the other person asking, the healer is not supposed to give Reiki healing.

It was a miracle, the sprained ankle and foot which I was just not able to keep on the floor, suddenly got better. In a matter of 5 minutes or so I was able to keep my feet on the floor, although with mild pain and also make the necessary visit to the bathroom. I called my then fiance and told that I got better.

For what it’s worth, I later visited a orthopaedic physician to eliminate any possible issues. I wore a crepe bandage but he ruled out possibility of any issues. I was so surprised about the power of Reiki throughout. I realized that with Reiki we can definitely eliminate half of the hospital visits, and I wanted to learn Reiki. When I said that I wanted to learn Reiki, my fiance asked me to wait. A few months after marriage, my husband initiated me into Reiki. Now I co-ordinate for arranging the initiation sessions for my husband and organize it. If you are interested in learning Reiki, please mail me at 4gayathris@gmail.com.

Reiki is a wonderful healing exercise which in my opinion every mother needs to learn, especially the mothers of young children. I realized this after my children were born and have used Reiki more with my children right from when they have a fall to when they have a viral fever. This has always helped in easing out their suffering just like what I had first experienced and given me the strength to feel more relaxed and a ease that all will be fine soon – and it has been so. It is simply a great blessing to be able to learn Reiki.
In my opinion this relief and confidence is a must for anyone.

How is it that Reiki will help you and your loved ones

There are many times when we get a call that either my mother or father or a dear friend is not keeping well. It could be a minor illness or some sudden issue or a chronic issue. When we are not next to them, we wish that there was some way possible to help them in their hour of need. Some way to make our loved ones feel better. Once they are better we feel better that we have done your best in the hour of need for your loved ones.

Have you ever had such a feeling at one point or the other in your life? Here is why Reiki helps you in such a situation.
When one is initiated into Reiki, one can heal oneself and anyone whom they have the authority to heal. This in my opinion gives one a huge relief and power.
A smart person would use any opportunity to immediately learn a skill that could be an asset at any point of time in future. Reiki is one such life saving skill and an investment that helps us in times of need.

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