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I was someone who was scaling the software career path until I got married. After my elder child was born, priorities completely changed and I quit working.

As my children are growing up, i am considering the option to rejoin work, but I needed flexibility. When any recruiter called me i was open about my need for working from home and the need for flexible hours. Both these were options that I had before i resigned. However none of the recruiters wanted to proceed with my job interview although I am an expert in a niche software skill. But i was clear that my children are priority and did not change my stand. I wanted to be around when my daughter is back from school or she wants to talk to me about a new game she has learnt.. or ensure that she eats lunch by herself..little things like that.

Since a regular job with WFH option did not happen, I started to look at freelancing opportunities. I wanted to start with the low hanging fruit of content writing, but there again I needed to showcase my work for any recruiter to hire me. It was as if I was a fresher in the new world. That is when I felt that I need to be a momrepreneur and started a blog initially to showcase my writing skills. In a different post I shall write about more details related to starting my blog.
Meanwhile my husband asked me to cash in my skills related to finance & investment. With this option I had all the flexibility to work whenever I want to, right at home.

After a while I saw that there are many women like me who have a few hours a day that can be utilized for some opportunity to work from home.I believe that each woman is great and has many unique skills of her own. They just do not have the initial break for such a work from home opportunity.

For a limited duration, I am opening my blog for such women to be guest writers.
Do write about any topic of your choice – in the areas related to home and home makers. These works of yours can be used as a launchpad for your content writing career. If you are someone who is looking at starting with content writing opportunities and want to showcase your work in a blog, please subscribe to my blog and send in the topic of your choice to I will keep in touch with you to publish your work in my blog.

Do write your comments and feedback.

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