Naari Shakti – Stories Of Indian Women Who Work From Home Or Owning A Business

A woman is the one who binds the house together and she has a lot of responsibilities at home. For this reason although many women are well educated, quite a few of them take a break from a successful and well paying job when they either get married or experience motherhood. Some of them choose to experience life as a wife and a mother while others go back to their career after the initial phase with their little ones.

However there are a bunch of women who move on to become entrepreneurs or choose to work from home on their own. This is a very sweet spot giving this lady all the advantages of a job and also the flexibility to work in the manner and schedule that best suits her. She is her own boss choosing her own targets and timelines and also meeting them at her own pace.

I have found that many working women also prefer such an option where they can work from home at their own pace and earn an income. Some of them work because they are hard pressed to meet their financial commitments. While there are some who want to work because they are educated and want to prove their worth and it gives them satisfaction. Whatever be the case, all these women at some point or the other would like to work with flexible timings choosing the pace they want to work in.

I was a working woman who quit my job after my elder daughter was born. After a while I started to explore the option of getting back to work. However I did not find the option of going to a job appealing. I wanted to be there around for my children, just a call away. Then when I started to explore I found that many women are looking for the option of working from home at their own pace.

Then I saw a bunch of women successfully running their own ventures. Some of them from the comfort of their home and others as a business. I felt that the stories and the experiences of these women who have started their own ventures will give the necessary boost that is needed for many women who are looking for such an option.

I am going to be writing a series of blogs about the stories of Indian Women who are working from home or those who have started a venture of their own.

If you know someone (including yourself) whose story, I can write about, then please fill in this form and I shall get in touch with them for their story.

I would like to know your thoughts and any suggestions regarding this. Please let me know your comments.

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