Lemonade Party

Most of the children love to be appreciated for their efforts and how much they can do. So if you even suggest having a party at home sponsored by your child, the little one will be on a cloud nine.

You could have the following types of parties –

Cozy Family party – For just the family members
Chill out by the pool – For the children who love to swim in your community
Little buddies party – For the close friends of your children
Cousins party – Gather at one of your homes and let all the little cousins have a blast.

Now are the different types of lemonade that the little ones can try.
These recipes are in the form of an instruction for the kids. Very much in detail.
You could even take a print out and ask them to follow it. This would give them a great sense of importance 🙂
A happy child makes a mother’s (or father’s) day. Is that not so?

Sweet and Sour Lemonade
Chatpata Lemonade
Masala Lemonade
The Ultimate Digestive Lemonade (after a heavy lunch)