Chatpata Lemonade

I have written the instructions in a child friendly manner. If there are any suggestions for adding or modifying please let me know.

Chatpata Lemonade (Serves 4 children)

Ingredients ( For parents to give the children)

1. Lemon – 1 whole cut into 2 halves
2. Water – 400 ml (2 glasses)
3. Sugar – 1 tbsp
4. Salt – 1 pinch
5. Pepper Powder – 1 pinch

Tools/Utensils (Children to take themselves)

1. Medium size Vessel
2. Spoon for stirring
3. Lemon squeezer
4. 3-4 Glasses for serving

Preparation Method (Children to prepare)

1. Soak the sugar which you have taken in water and stir it a couple of times
2. Then take one half of the lemon and place it on the Lemon Squeezer and press it well into the water
3. Remove this squeezed lemon
4. Then take the other half of the lemon and squeeze it well into the water
Tip – if you want to extract more juice, place the other half which is already squeezed and then nicely press the squeezer
Next time if you want to extract juice easily, nicely roll the lemon against a table before your mother cuts the lemon into 2 halves 🙂
5. Add Salt.
6. Add Pepper Powder
7. Nicely stir
8. Make sure to remove any seeds that are in water
9. Taste it. Is it very sour?? (Do listen to what your mother tells)
10. Pour it equally in the serving glasses without spilling
11. Serve it to all your family or friends.

I will be looking forward to how the little ones love this recipe. Please share your experiences and suggestions if any.

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