Strawberry Jam Recipe

I had made strawberry jam a few days back. I am noting down the recipe for this.
I will upload the all the pictures at each stage, when I make this jam next time around


Strawberries – 1 box
Unrefined/unprocessed sugar – about 1/2 cup
juice of 2 lemons or 2-3 pitches of ascorbic acid


Wash the strawberries well

Add the strawberries to a vessel and add sufficient water and cook. Alternatively you could also use a steamer for cooking these berries.

Cook the strawberries until they are soft

Remove the strawberries from water and transfer to a thick bottomed pan

Tip – Do not throw away the water used for cooking the strawberries. You can add a little sugar to it and give yourself and your family a treat of strawberry tea. It tastes delicious.

Mash the strawberries well.

Discard any hard portions, if any – that may be near the stalk region.

Measure and keep aside sugar that is approximately half the quantity of mashed strawberries. At home we use only unrefined sugar and this is what I use for all the sweets and jams that I make at home. Note that this is not the caramelized sugar.

Tip – Keep continuously stirring the mashed strawberries while cooking

Cook the mashed strawberries on low flame until you can see it start to boil. This is when tiny bubbles start to appear.

Add the sugar that you have measured and kept aside, to the strawberries and continue to cook while stirring continuously.

Check the taste once the sugar dissolves fully.

Add more sugar if needed.

As the jam thickens, put a drop of the jam on a clean dry plate to test of your jam is done.

The drop of jam should stay on the plate and it should not be runny. That is when your jam is done.

Then switch off the gas and add juice of 1- 2 lemons(after it cools in the case of lemon) or 1-3 pinches of ascorbic acid and mix well.

Your jam is ready to eat.
We do not use the refrigerator at home. The jam stays good for more than a week. This is the maximum my kiddo has let the jam stay…
This jam is all natural. You can actually feel the tiny strawberry seeds or little chunks of the strawberry in you mouth all lovely and delicious….
Even if my child overeats this jam, I would not really feel guilty as I am sure of all the ingredients that have gone into it 🙂

Please give me your feedback after you try this recipe. I will look forward to it 🙂