Need A Sore Throat Home Remedy?

Now that the weather is changing, we are welcoming the cool winds after the hot summer. However the cool winds and the splash of the rain waters is also bringing along with it need for special care which body requires. We notice that a lot of people are falling sick with either a bad throat, or a cold or a viral infection when there is an onset of a new season. There is a very simple and effective sore throat home remedy that works wonders with every single person in my family. 


Home Remedy for Sore Throat

A couple of years back when I was talking to a good friend she shared the recipe of an excellent sore throat home remedy that just seems to work wonders. If this sore throat remedy is taken in the initial stages of the kitch kitch/irritation in the throat, you might just heal completely without any aggravation to your health condition. This sore throat home remedy makes every single person with a sore throat, love the feel of this medicine in the throat region. You might notice that the phlegm is cleared after you take the Athimadhuram mixture.

This has always been in the kitchen cabinet, medicine cabinet and also the travel kit and I have used it very effectively with all the members of my family. In the cool seasons, I used to pack this instead of jam in my child’s chapathi roll!! To top it, my little one used to love this filling 🙂

You would be able to procure all the ingredients need for the sore throat home remedy in a store where you get Indian medicines(Granthige Angadi/Naatu Marandu Kadai) or an ayurvedic pharmacy that has a good stocking of medicines. 

This is also available online on Amazon, as you can see below –



  1. Athimadhuram/Yasthimadhu powder – 4 spoons
  2. Shunti powder – 2  spoons
  3. Pippili powder – 1 spoon
  4. Honey – About 2 spoons


  • Measure all the 3 powders and put it on a shieve.
  • Shieve the powders 2 -3 times until it is evenly mixed.
  • Then place it in a box in which you might want to store the home remedy.
  • Add enough honey to mix well.
    • Pills – Mix about 1 tsp of honey and mix well until you have a thick dough (Like a chapathi dough). You can then roll out small pills from this.
    • Paste – Mix about 2-3 tsp of honey and mix well until you have a thick paste.

You can consume this about 1 tsp of the paste 3 times a day when you have a sore throat for immediate relief and complete cure in case it is taken in early stages. 

I normally order powders in appropriate quantities as in ( 400 gms Athimaduram powder, 200 gms Shunti powder, 100 gms Pippili powder ) I measure the complete powder and shieve it and store the mixed powder in a box. Then add honey as and when needed. 

In case of emergency where you are out of honey or any of the other ingredients you can prepare an Athimadhuram tea and consume it instead of regular tea. 

Do let me know after you try out this remedy. I would love to hear the feedback.


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