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Jyotsna Dilip is an avid book lover who has a travelling children’s book store called as – The Rabbit​ Hole. She is ​ also the Bangalore Head of the Kid​Engage​ – a children’s activity and event discovery platform , whose mission is to help parents find the best experiences for their children.

How it started

Jyotsna​ is professionally an engineer who swapped her decade-long career to be a stay at home mom to two kids.​ Being an avid reader and a book lover, she regularly read to her children. Her love for books and art helped her choose offbeat and less known, but wonderful children’s books that would make anyone fall in love with them. By the time her first child was 4, she had a collection of over 500 children’s books! To put these books and her skills with reading and children to good use, she started story reading / book reading sessions called Seed A Read for the kids at a few activity centers and libraries in her neighborhood​.

The Book Lover 🙂

Her choice of books was highly appreciated by the parents of the children and they wanted these books. This gave her the idea to start The Rabbit Hole – a children’s bookstore. She took her books to activity centers and communities and schools and put up book fairs with her wonderful curated collection of books. She also sells these books online and through her FB group. She also helps the libraries to stock books!

In the meanwhile she also chose to work with KidEngage – a children’s event and activity discovery platform, where parents can find the best experiences for their children. KidEngage also offers services to Schools and Child related product and service providers.


The Book Collection

About Rabbit Hole – The Children’s Book Store Online

Jyotsna feels that reading books are like jumping into a rabbit hole just like the rabbit hole from the book “Alice In Wonderland”! Rabbit Hole Bookstore is a place to discover many new wonderlands of stories and books!! This is a option for all the parents who want to wean the children away from the gadgets in this fast paced world and develop the habit of reading books.

Rabbit Hole is an independent children’s travelling children’s book store in Bangalore. This family-centered bookshop has children in it’s heart, and is created specifically to bond the child with books. The Rabbit Hole brings with it specially curated children’s books that nurture creativity along with a bunch of other skills.

This store has a fantastic children’s literature in a varied range of genres across Indian and International titles. They provide good quality, carefully selected exciting titles that children will want to read. They also stock pre-owned books at discounted rates.
Their collection of books caters to the interests of children up to the age of 14 at prices from as little as Rs.50! They regularly add and update the books to keep an exciting and refreshing selection of books. They have books for babies, toddlers, children and young adults.
They play host to events like- book releases, readings, movie screenings, author meets and workshops for children.


Travelling Children’s Book Store


Finding Resources For Her Ventures

As she was a lover of books she already had a huge personal collection of her own and used to read voraciously. She never felt the lack of time for reading which was her passion. Her children love to read the books and would ensure that she never parted with a copy of their book by mistake!! 


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