Traditionally Indian’s ‘Working Women’ are entitled to 36-60 days mandatory off annually!!!

Yes!! that is right. For millenniums working age women in India are entitled to anywhere between 36 days to 60 days off in a year. That would be 3-5 days of mandatory off each month. This includes no working in the kitchen even!! Not even to make a cup of tea or coffee!!
I know that this sounds like a dream come true for many many women. But this is a privilege that we have given up to embrace the growing cult of modernity in this society.

I know that you would be wondering keenly about this practice which is now only seems to be fast vanishing. Yes for those who guessed it right it is ‘Menstrual Leave’ – the matter which is creating a debate in many circles.

In India women are expected to take rest and away from every single household work during their regular cycles. They were much healthier even after having a dozen children and did not face all the fertility issues which seems to be very prevalent these days. Taking good care of oneself without any strain is something that is even recommended in Ayurveda. This will help the woman to have good health and also complete well being. It is only in the past few decades that women have been career oriented and both fighting and wishing away the all natural process.. Girls have been taught to speak and even use different code words for their period.

This is the time when the body is undergoing a whole lot of hormonal changes and detoxifying in a big way. A lot of women who also experience many types of cramps take to the pain killers instead of getting good rest. This is something which in a long run will cause a lot of side effects that no one wants.

Whenever I read an article where it is said that a house wife gets no rest and no day off, I feel that we have gotten ourselves into this situation. Our tradition gives us anywhere between 3-5 days off during our period each month. The more we are moving away from our tradition the more we women are loading ourselves at a huge cost.

Do you agree?

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